Custom Livestock Trailers

Custom Trailers

At Sooner, we understand that many livestock owners have unique demands. That’s why we offer customization of livestock trailers, with an almost limitless selection of options available to make custom livestock trailers perform just how you need them to. Take advantage of Sooner’s full staff of design engineers and years of custom experience to create almost any custom livestock trailers you can imagine. 

Sooner Ranch DR 824 - Show Cattle Trailer

Sooner SRD 8X32 - Custom show pig trailer (8 foot dressing room, smooth skin exterior, custom pen system, water system, double deck and more!)


SRD 8X24 Custom Goat Trailer (3 air conditioners, built in generator, powder coated penning system, werm flooring, custom height pens, electrical monitoring system, 4 interior video cameras, backup camera, electric awning).

Customer Care Club

Sooner Customer Care Club

When you first hitch your truck to your new Sooner, you also get an automatic two-year membership in the Sooner Customer Care Club that starts on the date of purchase.


Sooner Fact

Every Sooner trailer that is built features a one-piece aluminum roof that eliminates roof leaks and adds structural integrity to the trailer.