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UTC Announces Wells Fargo Bank Financing Extension


Cincinnati, OH (Aug. 12, 2013) – Universal Trailer Corporation, one of the nation’s largest
trailer manufacturers, has entered into an arrangement with Wells Fargo Bank that extends its
financing line 5 years through 2018. The announcement was made today by the Board of
Directors of Universal Trailer Holding Corp.

The agreement, which represents Universal Trailer Corporation’s (UTC) sole indebtedness,
increases its borrowing capacity within the revolving credit facility with Wells Fargo. “UTC’s
advancing business performance and profitability, coupled with the increased borrowing
availability under the Wells Fargo credit line, will support ongoing implementation of our
strategic plan,” said Terry Carlson, CEO of Universal Trailer.

“We are excited to continue our strategic alliance with Wells Fargo,” Carlson said.

In addition to their extensive product offerings in every trailer retail category, UTC’s brands
manufacturer custom specialty trailers in medical, event marketing, racing, education, recreation,
museum and government, military, commercial and industrial fields.

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